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What it Means to be Part of the Power & Tel Team

Power & Tel is filled with the communications industry’s top talent -- smart, hard-working people who help connect our customers to the products and solutions they need.

When thinking of our marketplace, you may think of telephone companies like AT&T. But you also should consider others that build and maintain the networks that serve each of us, such as Comcast, CenturyLink, Google, CSX Railroad, TVA and many more like them. Power & Tel's role in the supply chain helps these companies bring their customers best-in-class services and reach their profit goals.

This effort starts with hiring great people who bring energy, ingenuity and innovative ideas that strengthen our capability set and Power & Tel as a whole. Whether it is effectively managing the vast amount of inventory in our distribution centers, or developing high-tech solutions to best serve our customers' data objectives, Power & Tel needs talented employees. Power & Tel is also known for our celebrated levels of teamwork and company pride. With the average years of employee service being at 9, team members obviously enjoy being with the company and the atmosphere they work in daily. So, are you a difference maker? Help us build a more efficient supply chain for the communications industry! 


When I was hired by Power & Tel, I was amazed by the years of service of its employees. Ten years later, I completely understand why. It is rare to be part of a company that not only strives for excellence in their field of expertise, but also is committed to making their employees feel part of something special.

Melissa Seibring, Media Coordinator

I simply love being a part of the Power & Tel team. From the way we are dedicated to our customers to the way I am treated every time I walk in the office, it is just a great place to spend your day. You know you are working for a company that does things the right way and that is important to me.

Heath Sheffield, Inside Sales Manager

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