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Superior Essex Toneable Drop FTTP Series 6

Superior Essex is an industry leader in outside plant and premises wire and cable communications products including OSP copper wire and cable, OSP fiber optic and drop fiber cables, premises copper cables, and premises fiber cables.  Superior Essex’s broad portfolio of high-performance cabling solutions helps you optimize your OSP, Premises, FTTP, and Wireless networks.

Toneable Drop FTTP Series 6T offers the most flexible solution for fiber to the premise applications. The toneable unit allows for an easy location after installation. The small profile reduces cost and increases both ease of use and access to small conduits. This product is the low-cost solution to the network’s last 100 meters. The durable design incorporates two dielectric rigid rods for tensile and crush protection, bracketing a single enhanced loose tube containing up to 24 optical fibers and PFM™ gel. 



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Superior Essex Toneable Drop FTTP Series 6T

Superior Essex Toneable Drop FTTP Series 6T
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